Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Our view is that disability is not a limitation to an individual to achieve the best outcome in their everyday life.

At Great Prospects Care Services we aim to enable service users to take part in stimulating and meaningful activities whether its something new or its something they already do in their everyday lives such as road awareness training, individual and group cooking sessions, shopping and budgeting, exercise, dance group and healthy living.

We have dedicated support staff to enable service users to participate in social and cultural activities, voluntary work, arts and crafts, swimming, spiritual and religious affairs.

Autism Spectrum Disorder And Asperger Syndrome

Key to our autism services is the need to support and stabilise behaviours that’s challenging through the use of different communication methods to effectively enable service users make a contribution and achieve their personal best.

Within our personalised supported living services, we support service users to enable them spend their time in a purposeful , safe and enjoyable way in a homely environment. We know environment matters in terms of autism spectrum disorder, therefore we make every effort to provide a welcoming, personalised and comfortable home environment ideal for the service users we care for.

Our support services are tailored to individual needs of different service users and may include activities like taking them to enjoy a trip to a theme park, swimming pool, to round the clock care involving indoors sensory oriented activities.

Challenging Behaviour

We don’t look down on how other people may communicate their needs, views, feelings and emotions as a result of what is happening around them. Through structured activities, consistence and robust individual behaviour and risk management plans. We ensure that people with behaviour that’s challenging enjoy the same level of life chances.

At Great Prospects Care Services we value the provision of services that are anti-discriminatory (inclusive) in order to create a supportive environment to service user. Everyone’s contributions and abilities are fully recognised and this is integral to our service where ordinary life could be provided for some of the service user’s most difficult to place.

Young Adults Leaving Care

We support young adults to achieve their aspiration in line with their ability level.

This could be helping them access colleges, volunteering work centres, linking with companies that consider apprenticeships, support to access libraries, community horticultural work experience programs, access to leisure and social activities.

Respite And In House Day Care

At Great Prospects Care Services we have experienced outreach support workers who provide you with the help you need either in your own home, holiday outing or wherever you choose. With our respite support packages you are able to choose the times which suit you and we match our staff in order to meet your particular needs. Where suitable we also promote you to make a choice about who support you either male or female support worker.

We support many informal carers/ families by giving them a break from their caring role for their loved ones with additional needs. In some instances we provide an ‘extra pair of hands’ helping a family member who has a physical or learning disability. Our experienced night support workers stay awake throughout the night supporting those who need constant support throughout the night.

Mental Health

Our experienced specialist support staff will take responsibility for your physical, emotional well being and social needs. We are able to support and encourage you in many areas, helping you to lead a full and varied life, in the community to include;

  • Developing domestic and life skills (shopping, cooking, cleaning).Support to attend college, work placements and other volunteering activities.
  • Helping you to manage your finances.
  • Help accessing other services.
  • Getting out and about in your community.
  • Emotional support and advice.
  • Support to attend medical and other appointments.
  • Keeping safe and health

Complex Care And Continuing Health Care Support

We provide 24-hour care and support to service users with complex health needs, physical and learning disabilities. This could be within our residential and supported living services across the South East area. Everyone should be afforded a chance in life in relation to their ability level.

At Great Prospects Care Services, we believe in person centred support tailored to the individual needs. Our aim in terms of complex care service is to provide high-quality nursing care in an environment which remains homely and supportive of service users’ independence.

Our support workers help service user with day to day needs such as personal care, hospital appointments, administration of medication, meal preparation and the emotional support needed to help service users regain their confidence. Our complex care team pride itself in delivering care with compassion and treating every service user with the utmost dignity and respect.