About Us

About Us

Great Prospects care  provide  support to  service users  with learning disabilities, complex health needs and mental ill health in the community. Our aim is to  enable service users to enjoy full rewarding lives, by identifying and realizing their full potential in a person-centered and safe way. Our customers include people who live in the South East.

The support we offer is underpinned by our 6 core values


We believe safety must be at the forefront of all our decision making.

Client  Focused

We place our clients at the center of all what we do. 


We believe teamwork empowers our individual strengths


We believe respect to each other will guide our decisions and form an integral part of our working relationships.


We value diversity within our client group, colleagues and community at large. 


We adapt, transform and never stand still.

Founder’s Statement

Hello everyone, 

Great Prospects Care was born in 2014

Our diverse clients and customers include the following groups: 

  • NHS, adult social care, and privately funded clients.  We work with you on delivering measurable goals that matter to you.
  • We focus on making the referral and support coordination process a relief and straight forward. No waiting lists, detailed support plans, responsive communication, evidence-based care, and support
  • Carer staff. We make the process of sharing ideas, and information simple and time efficient. We work in partnership with carer staff and multi-agency care management teams.
  • Workforce development and staff retention strategy. We provide an empowering workplace environment. We fund varied professional development pathways and supervision for our brilliant teams.
  • Quality and Safeguards. We ensure our care team provide clients with high-quality personal care, Behaviour Support, to minimise Restrictive Practices, build liberating skills, and improve quality of life.

Our Why

  • “From caring comes courage!”
  • We believe Great Prospects Care staff are innovative, passionate and are a dedicated team of experts in both elderly and disability support pathways. We are proud to offer a broad range of support to Kent communities, whether children, young adults and or elderly groups.

Our How

  • We provide easy access to life-changing Positive Behaviour Support.
  • We ease off stress from families, care management teams and provide great client and carer experience service no waiting lists.
  • Our powerful care management systems and processes enable us more time to focus on people we support.
  • We heavily invest heavily in training and supervising our experts of care staff.
  • We share our learning every day and support the growth of new behaviour from our clients and care staff.

Our What

We are a team of varied expert care staff from different care backgrounds who practice person-centred positive behaviour support.

Our key factors in our service include:

  • Person-Centred practice: we listen, build support, based on your values, goals, strengths and needs
  • Challenging behaviour: We approach your support using Positive Behaviour Support techniques to measurably reduce behaviour that’s challenging and help you build new skills, resilience and supports that match your needs.
  • Restrictive practices: we minimise, reduce, and aim to eliminate restrictive practices and empower clients to lead socially connected lives.

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